Chaos 2015

Good fun riding in Maui with the whole Cabrinha crew and having fun on the new Chaos! Check out the new video, the kite is sick! ciao! Alby  

Xcaliber 2015

Stoked on how the video came out and loving my new Xcaliber Pro Model board… its by far the best board I ever ridden! Enjoy! ciao Alby      

Having Fun

Ciao! Questo è un piccolo video che ho deciso di fare con vari video clip di questo inverno che ancora non avevo usato! check it out! Grazie a Toby Bromwich,Luke Whiteside,Anders Kruger and William Milne per le riprese!    

Cabrinha 2013

Check out the whole new Cabrinha 2013 line! Stoked to have a promodel board this year and a sick freestyl kite!

Trick Tips from the Pros nr 8

Trick Tips from the Pro’s video number 8! If you can do an S-Bend and you wanna step it up…check out how to do an S1! Shot in Uruau by Toby Bromwich /Cabrinha


Presenting the Chaos, the new Cabrinha freestyle kite for 2013! By Anders Kruger

Trick Tips from the Pros nr 7

Ciao a tutti! Dopo aver stravinto una partita a cirula con Riki e Gigi…oggi vi spiego come fare un 315! shot by Toby Bromwich thanks to Cabrinha. ciao Alby

Trick Tips from the Pros nr6

Ciao! Questa volta vi spiego come fare un Crowmobe, una delle mie manovre preferite! Filmato da Toby Bromwich, al Prokitebrasil di Uruau’, grazie a Cabrinha! ciao! Alby

Living the Dream

If you havent seen it yet, check out my new video, Living the dream! Thanks to everyone who contributed to its production and in particular Jean-Marc Calì, Toby Bromwich, Luke Whiteside and Achille Matassoni!  As well as showing us some of his favourite tricks, Alberto Rondina ProKitesurfer of the Cabrinha …

Trick Tips from the Pro’s #5

Ciao! this time check out how to do a MobyDick off a kicker! Shot by Toby Bromwich in Uruau’. Thanks to Cabrinha. Enjoy! ciao Alby