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From Maui to Germany!

The last 2 weeks in Maui has been good, we had some solid Waiehu days, with very strong East wind and also the first little N swell, with good kickers all over the North Shore! It always sad to leave Maui…its such a good place, there’s always such a good vibe, I love it, hope to be back soon!! After the long flight back home, I spent home one night, change some clothes, got some warm ones and made it to the North-east of Germany for the Cabrinha dealear meeting! We are in GroBenbrode, which is right next to Fehmarn, the famous island with lots of cool spots! We had 2 days with not much wind, but today is good and just had a good sess on 9m with Tobi and all the Cab guys! Take it easy! ciao Alby


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