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Brazil Time

So after the event in Venezuela I spent a super good time in Brazil… that place is just magical! Early in the season u never know how the wind is gonna be cause it depends on how big and heavy is the rainy season. This year the rain has been super short, so the land is very dry already and the wind is pumping! If you are thinking about a trip to Brazil this year…I think is gonna be a really good season!
I kited every single day and had heaps of fun with the Prokitebrasil crew!

With sessions in the kickers and in the flat every day, 2 weeks passed crazy fast…so it was time to fly back to Italy!
I flew with TAP, and if you are actually thinking to do that, check out the sport baggage new policy, cause its tricky and I had to pay a lot more than usual coming back!

I went back home for 2 days and it was such a good time, had sooo much good food, met up with friends and had a good rest!

I’m here in Germany now, in SPO for the biggest event of the year!
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